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More information is surfacing about the impact of video advertising on web campaigns. "Last week at the annual ARF Re:Think conference in New York, Hernan Lopez, President of .Fox Networks, and (Gian Fulgoni) presented an analysis of four ad campaigns run on the .Fox Network in the U.K that were evaluated using the comScore AdEffx™ platform." The data set included 80K U.K. Internet users and the campaigns delivered 300 Million impressions (# times anyone saw the ads). The goal of the research was to "understand how display ads and video ads increased visitation to the advertised brands' Web sites and how they increased search queries that used trademark terms or related generic terms." To "cut to the chase", the findings were that video ads and display ads both increased the reach (# people exposed to the ads) and search queries across sectors (finance, travel, public sector and utilities). HOWEVER, video ads increased site visitation higher than display ads with fewer exposures.

chart site visitation - video vs display ads

Within the public sector placements, video alone had a significant impact on site vistation than display ads alone.

Chart Public Sector - Video higher uplift than display ads

While this is a limited data set, it reinforces that video is impactful to your campaign. Keep in mind however, that other research also shows that not all video is created equally. In my blog post "Online Video Growth & Advertising That Works", I highlighted research by showing that key variables with video include: relevance to the viewer, higher bar required to trigger spending time to watch a video, and production value and impact are directly proportional.

In a nutshell, do video ads, but do them well and targeted at the right audience.